What is an Olympiad examination?

Olympiad is used to indicate a regular event of international science competitions
with their national qualifying tests. Its fundamental objective is to inspire people
to strive for better and deeper comprehension of logical actualities and information
and to upgrade their thinking, explanatory and critical thinking aptitudes. It does
not necessarily indicate a four-year period. Some characteristic examples could be
Science Olympiad, Maths Olympiad and Computer Olympiad.

What Olympiad Wizard offers?

Olympiad Wizard offers a great variety of paper tests of international Olympiad competitions.
It focuses on 4 subjects of student Olympiad examinations (Mathematics Olympiad, Physics
Olympiad, Computer Olympiad, English Olympiad),including countries all over the world.
So, how it works? Anyone of every age who visits our site is able to download the available
tests, solving a list of topics from previous Olympiad competitions and obtain great experience
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